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Witch Hazel: 18 Uses For This Powerful Little Bottle Every home should have a bottle of witch hazel. Here’s why…?

On this planet of pure cures, few substances are as versatile and invaluable as witch hazel. Derived from the leaves and bark of the witch hazel shrub (Hamamelis virginiana), this unassuming liquid packs a highly effective punch in a small bottle. Every home should contemplate having a bottle of witch hazel readily available on account of its wide selection of makes use of and advantages. Listed below are 18 the explanation why this pure marvel deserves a place in your home.

1. Pores and skin Toner:

  • Witch hazel is famend for its astringent properties. It may possibly tighten and tone the pores and skin, lowering the looks of pores and controlling extra oil.

2. Zits Remedy:

  • Apply witch hazel to acne-prone areas to assist scale back irritation and forestall breakouts.

3. Sunburn Aid:

  • Soothe sunburned pores and skin by making use of witch hazel. Its anti-inflammatory properties might help ease ache and redness.

4. Bug Chew Aid:

  • Dab witch hazel onto insect bites to cut back itching and irritation.

5. Hemorrhoid Aid:

  • Witch hazel can present reduction from the discomfort of hemorrhoids. Apply it to the affected space with a cotton pad.

6. Soothe Razor Burn:

  • After shaving, apply witch hazel to assuage irritated pores and skin and forestall razor burn.

7. Make-up Remover:

  • Use witch hazel to softly take away make-up with out harsh chemical substances. It is notably efficient for eye make-up.

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