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why your pillows turn yellow over time?  And how can you restore them to their original freshness? 

Pillows are an important a part of an excellent evening’s sleep, offering help and luxury. Nevertheless, over time, you would possibly discover that even with common washing and care, your once-white pillows have turned an unpleasant shade of yellow. So, why does this occur, and is there a means to restore them to their original freshness? Let’s dive into the explanations behind yellowing pillows and how to fight this difficulty.

Why Do Pillows Turn Yellow?

  1. Sweat and Physique Oils: Throughout sleep, we naturally sweat and produce oils from our pores and skin and hair. Over time, these substances can seep into your pillow, creating a really perfect setting for micro organism to thrive. As these microbes break down, they can trigger discoloration.
  2. Mud Mites: Pillows present a comfy habitat for mud mites. These microscopic creatures feed on pores and skin flakes and can go away behind waste that not solely contributes to yellowing however can additionally set off allergy symptoms.
  3. Age and High quality: Cheaper pillows are sometimes extra prone to yellowing as a result of they might not have the identical high quality supplies or protecting covers as higher-end choices.

How to Restore Yellowed Pillows:

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