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The Storage Misconception – SetDinners

It’s a standard false impression that the drawer beneath the range is supposed for storage. In spite of everything, it looks as if the proper spot to stash pots, pans, baking sheets, and different kitchen necessities. Nonetheless, utilizing this drawer for storage can result in a number of points.

Firstly, storing gadgets within the drawer beneath the range generally is a fireplace hazard. The intense warmth generated by the oven can switch to the drawer, probably inflicting plastic containers or different flammable supplies to soften or catch fireplace. This poses a big security threat, particularly for those who overlook what you’ve saved in there.

Secondly, storing gadgets on this drawer can impede the right air flow and airflow required for the oven to operate effectively. It might probably additionally make it more durable to scrub across the range space, as crumbs and particles can accumulate within the drawer, attracting pests and making your kitchen much less sanitary.

So, if the drawer isn’t for storage, what’s its objective?

The Warming Drawer

The drawer beneath the range is often known as a “warming drawer.” Its major operate is to maintain meals heat after it has been cooked. Warming drawers are particularly helpful while you’re getting ready a number of dishes or entertaining friends. As a substitute of letting a dish calm down and risking it turning into chilly earlier than serving, you may place it within the warming drawer to keep up its temperature till it’s time to eat.

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