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How To Keep Flies Away From Your Outdoor Spaces This Summer

The sturdy aroma of this cleaning soap is extremely unappealing to numerous pests. Even a slight whiff carried by the breeze is sufficient to deter flies and hold your outside enjoyment uninterrupted. It’s not simply flies that detest the scent; even deer are repelled by it. That’s why some gardeners strategically place nylon stockings stuffed with cleaning soap shavings round their gardens as a plant safety measure.
Do you personal an RV, camper trailer, or a seasonal cabin? Think about putting chunks of Irish Spring Cleaning soap inside if you pack up for the winter. The potent aroma additionally repels rodents, making your trailer much less engaging as a winter residence for these critters.
As temperatures start to soar this week in my area, I believe it’s excessive time to fill up on Irish Spring Cleaning soap, making certain I’m totally outfitted to discourage any flies trying to spoil my outside enjoyable

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