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Freeze Your Rosemary

Freeze Your Rosemary

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Rosemary’s sturdy, resinous character makes it an ideal candidate for freezing. After all, you may freeze rosemary leaves in ice dice trays, suspended in both olive oil or filtered water. You can too make “herb roll-ups” by filling freezer luggage with rosemary leaves, squeezing out any extra air, and rolling the baggage from their base to the highest, like we confirmed in final week’s submit on preserving parsley.

My favourite and most handy technique of freezing rosemary requires one further step, however the result’s value it. Take particular person clippings of rosemary, leaves nonetheless connected to the stem, and place them on a baking sheet. Place the rosemary sprigs within the freezer for a few hours, till they’re frozen strong. Switch the sprigs to a freezer bag for future use. As a substitute of a giant mass of leaves, now you may simply pluck one or two sprigs, as wanted, for garnishes, additions to soups, and parts for rubs.


Dry Your Rosemary

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