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Flan Pâtissier (French Custard Tart)

The custard for Flan Pâtissier makes use of each egg and cornflour to set it. There’s a super stability of the 2 that may obtain the fitting richness and set consistency so the tart may be reduce into neat slices, but the custard melts in your mouth once you eat it. I attempted fairly just a few combos earlier than touchdown on what I believe is the proper stability!


  1. eat milk with 1/4 cup of sugar*, vanilla seeds and the leftover vanilla pods (see video for the way I scrape the seeds out). Carry it to simply under a boil. As quickly as you see the milk beginning to foam and rise, take away it straight from the range.

    TIP: Control it because the milk begins to get scorching as a result of milk likes to boil over fairly rapidly!

    * Including a little bit of sugar on this step helps to make sure the milk doesn’t scald on the bottom.

  2. Infuse – Place the lid on (to stop a pores and skin from forming and lack of quantity by way of evaporation) and go away for 10 minutes. This offers the milk time to be infused with the vanilla flavour in addition to to chill barely which eliminates any threat of scorching milk by chance scrambling the eggs within the subsequent steps.


  1. Eggs and cornflour (cornstarch) – Whisk the egg yolks, complete egg and sugar collectively till mixed. Then whisk the cornflour in. It’s finest to whisk eggs and sugar first earlier than including cornflour else you find yourself with a flurry of flour!
  2. Slowly add half milk (tempering) – Whereas whisking, slowly pour in half the milk. Simply whisk till mixed.

    Don’t fear, there’s no threat of by chance scrambling the eggs with the recent milk as a result of it cooled within the 10 minutes we left it to infuse with the vanilla! Nevertheless we nonetheless mood the mixtures on this step as an additional layer of security.


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