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Cut the lemon this way and add salt. The solution to a big problem at home!

When life palms you lemons, you is perhaps stunned to discover that the solution to a few of your most typical family issues lies in this citrus powerhouse. By reducing a lemon in a particular way and including a pinch of salt, you possibly can handle points starting from cussed stains to disagreeable odors. Let’s discover the versatile and pure treatments that may be unlocked with this easy mixture.

**1. Chopping Approach: The Quarter-and-Salt Methodology

Supplies You may Want:

  • Contemporary Lemons
  • Desk Salt


  1. Cut the Lemon in Quarters:
    • Begin by reducing a recent lemon into quarters. This reducing approach exposes the fleshy inside, permitting it to be simply manipulated for numerous functions.
  2. Sprinkle with Salt:
    • After getting the lemon quarters, sprinkle a small quantity of desk salt on the uncovered flesh. The salt enhances the cleansing and deodorizing properties of the lemon.

**2. Cleansing and Deodorizing Options

Lemon-and-Salt Scrub:

  • The coarse texture of salt, mixed with the acidity of lemon, creates a highly effective scrub. Use the lemon-and-salt combination to clear reducing boards, counter tops, and kitchen surfaces. This pure scrub successfully removes stains and eliminates odors.

Copper and Brass Cleaner:

  • Dip the salted facet of the lemon quarter into extra salt and rub it onto tarnished copper or brass gadgets. The acid in the lemon, coupled with the abrasive motion of the salt, helps take away tarnish and restore shine.

**3. Odor Elimination in the Kitchen

Rubbish Disposal Freshener:

  • Drop a lemon quarter with salt down the rubbish disposal. The grinding motion helps distribute the refreshing scent whereas the salt acts as a pure abrasive, cleansing the disposal.
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Fridge Deodorizer:

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