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When squeezing lemons, don’t make the mistake of throwing away the seeds: they are worth their weight in gold used this way

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Then take a small container like a yogurt pot and fill it with damp cotton. Place the seed in the cotton and let it sit for at the least every week . After about 7 days, the seed could have given way to a small shoot.

Proceed to maintain the cotton and the surroundings moist to make your little sapling develop extra till it has developed small roots. At this level you’ll have to plant your seed in a small pot inside which you’ll have to insert a mix of soil and perlite , to make sure that the soil is nicely drained. As soon as planted, the shoot will nonetheless want care. It needs to be stored in a well-lit, heat place away from drafts. Ensure the soil is all the time moist and anticipate nature to do its work to have a lemon tree that, as soon as grown, gives you juicy fruits.

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