Many of us often wish to get rid of our overweight bellies.

Many of us often wish to get rid of our overweight bellies. Yet, have you ever wondered about what your ideal weight ought to be?

Finding your ideal weight is a matter of extreme importance. You can diet all you want, but what’s the point if your weight falls below recommended levels, eh? One should know when to start and when to stop..

So, how do we figure our ideal weight out? Well, that’s simple.

BMI or Body Mass Index is a useful tool that lets you know what your recommended weight would be. Don’t worry, it isn’t based on some arbitrary calculation!

BMI takes your age, your height, even your body shape into consideration before it comes up with a result.  Finding your ideal weight is not just about assigning a certain recommended weight range to each height measurement. It is much more complex and depends on your body composition, which includes your fat, muscle and bone content as well.

BMI is useful for determining your body’s fat levels. It’s as simple as that. While a few might argue that there are better options to choose from than BMI, there is no measurement index that’s as widely known and used as BMI. Fitness gurus, trainers and avid gym goers – They all swear by it and follow strict schedules that keep their body in the recommended BMI range.

The best thing about BMI is that every person gets a BMI value assigned to them on the basis of their individual heights, body shape, weight and various other factors. It provides you with a basic benchmark, which is useful for comparison.

For instance, a BMI score that exceeds 24.9 means that you’re overweight and need to start working on your diet. If you’re BMI falls under 18.5, that means you’re underweight. It’s a warning for you to stop fooling around with your diet and start eating more.

We should all aim to stay in our BMI ranges, not a specific weight range. The reason is that, a weight that’s considered too much for a woman who is, say 5 feet tall, will be considered to be too less for a woman who is 6 feet tall. Funny, isn’t it? 

Consuming a balanced and healthy diet is the best way to make sure that you remain perpetually fit and healthy. Load your meals with tons of healthy nutrients, vitamins and minerals, ensuring you get a steady supply of these vital goodies. A healthy diet is half the job done, trust me.

If you’re wondering how much you should be ideally weighing, go through the chart given below. You can also utilize a BMI calculator for determining what your ideal weight ought to be.

However, please do remember that this chart was designed for adult men and women, using their measurements. It will only be useful if you’re an adult. People under the age of 18 should not use this chart since their bodies are still developing. This BMI chart won’t yield accurate results for them.

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